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XH51BMTЮ/KΦK-BД material is Russia COST standard deformation of high temperature alloy.

Chemical composition of XH51BMTЮ/KΦK-BД, XH51BMTЮ/KΦK-BД mechanical properties, XH51BMTЮ/KΦK-BД datasheet, XH51BMTЮ/KΦK-BД equivalent grade, Heat treatment and temperature process of XH51BMTЮ/KΦK-BД.

XH51BMTЮ/KΦK-BД property sheet


Chemical Composition of XH51BMTЮ/KΦK-BД

C Max 0.08
Si Max 0.035
Mn Max 0.03
Cr 9.0-12.0
Ni Balance
Mo 5.00-7.00
V 0.20-0.80
W 5.00-6.50
Co 14.0-15.5
B Max 0.002
Al 3.90-4.80
Ti 2.20-2.90

Mechanical Properties of XH51BMTЮ/KΦK-BД

Rp0.2 (MPa) 771 (≥)
Rm (MPa) 127 (≥)
AKV (J) 33
A (%) 12
Z (%) 21
Hardness HBW 124

XH51BMTЮ/KΦK-BД shape and dimensions

XH51BMTЮ/KΦK-BД Round bar: 1mm-800mm
XH51BMTЮ/KΦK-BД Square bar: 10mm * 10mm-600mm *600mm
XH51BMTЮ/KΦK-BД Flat bar: Thickness:8mm-800mm Width:10mm to 1500mm
XH51BMTЮ/KΦK-BД Sheet or Plate: Thickness:3mm-80mm Width:1.5mm to 1500mm
XH51BMTЮ/KΦK-BД Strip or Coil: Thickness:0.1mm-3mm Width:1.5mm-1500mm
XH51BMTЮ/KΦK-BД Forgings: Shafts with flanks/pipes/tubes/slugs/donuts/cubes/other shapes