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XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A) material is Russia COST standard deformation of high temperature alloy.

Chemical composition of XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A), XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A) mechanical properties, XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A) datasheet, XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A) equivalent grade, Heat treatment and temperature process of XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A).

XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A) property sheet

XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A) Spec.

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Chemical Composition of XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A)

C Max 0.06
Si Max 0.60
Mn Max 0.40
P Max 0.015
S Max 0.007
Cr l9.0-22.0
Ni Balance
Pb Max 0.001
Al 0.55-0.95
Ti 2.30-2.70
other Ce: Max 0.02

Mechanical Properties of XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A)

Rp0.2 (MPa) 139 (≥)
Rm (MPa) 641 (≥)
AKV (J) 33
A (%) 13
Z (%) 44
Hardness HBW 343

XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A) shape and dimensions

XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A) Round bar: 1mm-800mm
XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A) Square bar: 10mm * 10mm-600mm *600mm
XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A) Flat bar: Thickness:8mm-800mm Width:10mm to 1500mm
XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A) Sheet or Plate: Thickness:3mm-80mm Width:1.5mm to 1500mm
XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A) Strip or Coil: Thickness:0.1mm-3mm Width:1.5mm-1500mm
XH77TЮ(ЭИ437A) Forgings: Shafts with flanks/pipes/tubes/slugs/donuts/cubes/other shapes