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Alloy Steel

Has certain tenacity, sometimes require welding performance, used to make all kinds of engineering structures (such as building structures, Bridges, ships, vehicles, etc.) and manufacture all kinds of mechanical structure with steel.
With suitable hardenability, after appropriate metal heat treatment, the microstructure is homogeneous sorbite, bainite or very fine pearlite, thus has higher tensile strength and showed (generally at about 0.85), high toughness and fatigue strength, and low ductile to brittle transition temperature, can be used in the manufacture of large cross section size of the machine parts.
Meet certain level of strength and formability of steel. Formability expressed as a percentage elongation after interruption of tensile test. Structural steel is generally used for hosting purposes, in the purpose of sinosteel's strength is an important design criteria. Structural steels can be subdivided into: carbon structural steel low alloy steel and heat-resistant steel and alloy structural steel, and so on.
, less than 0.25% C for mild steel, notably the carbon is less than 0.10% of the 08 f, 08 al and so on, because has the very good deep drawing and welding is widely used for deep drawing parts such as automobile, can... Etc., 20 g is the main material to make ordinary boiler. In addition, low carbon steel as carburizing steel, widely used in machinery manufacturing.
• 0.25 ~ 0.60% C for medium carbon steel, used in the quenched and tempered condition more, make parts of the machinery manufacturing industry. How many 22 ~ 34 HRC, conditioning can get comprehensive mechanical properties, also easy to cut.
More than, greater than 0.6% C for high carbon steel, used in the manufacture of springs, gears, roll, etc., depending on the manganese content, and can be divided into ordinary manganese content (0.25 ~ 0.8%) and a high manganese content (0.7 ~ 1.0% and 0.9 ~ 1.2%) steel group. Manganese can improve the hardenability of steel, ferrite, improve the steel yield strength, tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Usually in high manganese steel grades after additional tags "Mn", such as 15 Mn, 20 Mn to distinguish it from normal carbon steel containing manganese content.

Materials & Grade Sheets

Forms and Shapes:Round bar (Diameter): 5.50 ~ 650mm; Square bar / Flat bar: 1 ~ 1000mm; Wire rod (Diameter): 0.10 ~ 16mm; Steel strip via cold rolled: T0.1 - 3mm X W5 - 650mm X L (or in coil form); Forging piece: Different shapes based on OEM; Tube Pipe; Profiled Steel etc.


PN 75



EN 1.0620


EN 1.0614


EN 1.1248


DIN 1.0605

JB 10CrNi2MoCu

JB 10CrNi3MoCu

JB 10CrNi3MoV

YB Q195


YB Q195

GB U11952

GB Q195

DIN 1.7361

DIN 32CrMo12

GB U20082

GB 08F

DIN 35 NC 6

AISI F10012

SAE G4000a

AISI F10008

SAE G4000

AISI F10011

SAE G3500c

AISI F10010

SAE G3500b

AISI F10007

SAE G3500

AISI F10006

SAE G3000

AISI F10009

SAE G2500a

AISI F10005

SAE G2500

AISI F10004

SAE G1800

AISI G10260

YB 1026

AISI G10250

SAE 1025

SAE A-29 1025