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Superalloys are one of the important end products of molybdenum. Generally, it includes a titanium-based alloy containing a refractory metal such as molybdenum, a nickel-based alloy, a cobalt-based alloy, and an iron-based alloy. Some people also classify molybdenum-based alloys as superalloys. Super alloys have high strength, high hardness, high corrosion resistance, high thermal stability and good processability. They are widely used in aerospace, aerospace, automotive, medical, chemical, petrochemical, coal chemical and high temperature industries.

Materials & Grade Sheets

Forms and Shapes:Round bar (Diameter): 5.50 ~ 650mm; Square bar / Flat bar: 1 ~ 1000mm; Wire rod (Diameter): 0.10 ~ 16mm; Steel strip via cold rolled: T0.1 - 3mm X W5 - 650mm X L (or in coil form); Forging piece: Different shapes based on OEM; Tube Pipe; Profiled Steel etc.